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Here at The Flying Goat we take pride in our food and drink. Great flavor is at the core of everything we craft. Our pizzas are modeled after a Neapolitan style, and our large selection of draft and bottled beers have been carefully chosen.

Our fire-kissed crust honors the history of artisan pizza making. The char is a must!  This char adds great flavor, a unique texture, and carries hidden aromas. It is considered one of the most important flavor elements of Neapolitan Style pizza. Our dough is freshly made, in house, every morning to insure the best quality and consistency. Our pizza is begun by hand stretching our dough, and is then topped with homemade sauces, our special in-house cheese blend, fresh local ingredients, and artisan meats...some even cured in house. All of our sauces, dressings, and marinades are made daily. Our pies are baked in a 2500-pound Woodstone oven, made in Bellingham, Washington, that bakes at a burning temperature of 600 °F.

  Our house wine, Goat Head Red, is produced by the local Townshend Winery. It is an eclectic, likeable red blend of American and Italian varietals. We boast 15 tap handles and over 50 bottles of great craft beer and a newly developed cellar of aged craft beer. If you are a beer connoisseur, or just enjoy a tasty craft beer, ask about our Mug Club!

The Flying Goat name honors a great friendship, and happens to resemble the type of pub names one would expect to find on the streets of England, Ireland, or Scotland. Our goal was to create a neighborhood “watering hole” and casual eatery that we lovingly refer to as “The Goat”.

Our goal when designing and building this neighborhood pizza pub was to utilize sustainable and repurposed materials to the best of our abilities. During our search we discovered the remarkable legacy of Otis Leonard’s Ritzville grain elevator, originally constructed in 1910. You can see a photo of this wood grain elevator hanging on the wall in the bar. Meticulously disassembled, the elevator’s wood is now being used throughout the inside and outside of The Goat.

The Audubon neighborhood is a very special place to live, play, and eat in Spokane. Our team feels the same passion toward the neighborhood as our neighbors have had for years, and is dedicated to improving the lifestyle we all share. Because of this passion, we were honored to collaborate with several local artists and companies on the interior and exterior of the pub. The neighborhood photographs on the wall and custom pub signs are just a couple examples of this collaboration.

Our Margherita pizza is in loving memory of our beautiful Kerri Lynn who passed away from cancer in 2010.  A portion of the proceeds of this pizza go to local charities to help those in need.